Our extensive collection of trees and shrubs including natives, coupled with the advice from our knowledgeable staff will help you create the yard of your dreams. Trees and shrubs are the most significant and impactful planting that you can do for your home both in realized value and in sheer delight.

LET US DO THE PLANTING: We know there are big decisions to be made when selecting foundation plantings. Our team will work with you to give you the confidence that you need to set the ‘bones’ of your landscape to truly compliment every other planting in your yard. The joy of trees and shrubs is realizing that there is as much impact in their Winter structure as in their full Spring flush. We can show you how to find something special to compliment for all 4 seasons.

Talk to the professionals in Homestead Gardens Landscape Division and create something beautiful this season. Planting Service Includes: Delivery, Planting, Initial Fertilization, Soil Amendment, & Hardwood Mulch.