Spring 2024 Chick Pre-Order

Spring 2024 Chick Pre-Order

Spring 2024 Chick Pre-Orders are Open.

All orders must be placed before February 29, 2024 and paid in full at the time of order. 

All orders must be based on our 2024 Chick Season Schedule. 

- Our minimum of 3 chicks/order OR 2 ducklings/order is in effect for all pre-orders. 

- Only one pre-order per week. 

No orders with chicks from multiple weeks are allowed (i.e. you cannot pre-order 2 chicks from week 1 and 1 chick from week 2 to meet the 3 chicks/order requirement).  

Pre-orders will be available through the Davidsonville location ONLY,  and chicks MUST be picked up at our Davidsonville location within 48 hours of chick arrival each week. If you are not able to pick up your chicks/ducklings in this timeframe, we are happy to refund your money.       

As your chicks grow and get ready to go outside, come to Homestead for their new outdoor home! We have special order coops available and in store options. Our in store coop inventory changes daily, visit us or call to see what we have available. View our catalog of special order options here - Custom Order Chicken Coops

We will do our best to fulfill each pre-order, but unfortunately, there are many circumstances that are out of our control (hatching issues, shipping issues, etc.).

In the event that we are not able to fulfill your pre-order, we are willing to substitute for a similar breed or refund your money.   

Must be logged in as a Garden Reward member to purchase chicks/ducklings.