Wild Birding

Wild Birding

Getting the family outside and enjoying nature can be tough in the winter. While the cold may put a damper on many activities, birdwatching is actually a great winter pastime. While it is true that some birds migrate to more tropical locales in Mexico and South America for winter there are plenty of bird species that stick around or only travel as far as they need to find food.

In our area, winter can be a difficult time for birds. The days are short, and nights are often cold and long. Their natural food supply has been consumed and water may be hard to find.

Homestead Gardens will help you provide a balanced diet for birds just when they need it most! Feed the birds and enjoy their beautiful colors during the otherwise bleak months of winter. We have a wide variety of seeds to attract a variety of birds.

In addition, finding shelter becomes more difficult and birds may seek man-made houses or habitats that can provide refuge from frigid temperatures and inclement weather. Homestead Gardens has everything you need to give the birds a helping hand this season. We have a beautiful assortment of bird houses that will make any bird feel like they have found their very own castle.

Seed Supreme Wildbird 20lbs
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